Our Services

Data Protection Certification Assistance

Certification is a way to demonstrate your compliance with the Data Protection Act 2017 ("DPA") and enhance transparency. We can help you prepare the Data Protection Certification Assessment (comprising of more than hundred questions) and apply for the Data Protection Certification with the Data Protection Office under Article 48 of the DPA.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO)

You don't have enough budget for a full-time DPO? No worries! We provide an all-inclusive data protection service which allows you to outsource the role of the DPO. Our experienced and qualified DPO sincerely loves and cherishes her work, unlike the employee who has been assigned to deal with the DPA/GDPR, and for whom it is “another headache”.

Record of Processing Operations (RPO) as a Service

A RPO is a written description on organisations' processing activities. It is a mandatory document, a key instrument and a useful tool for demonstrating compliance with the GDPR/DPA and works as a useful tool for organisations information management. RPO as a Service is a workshop-based solution for creating a valid and easily maintainable RPO.

Data Protection Audits

Our Data Protection Audits evaluate the current state of privacy and data protection actions. Audit services measure compliance, identify gaps and demonstrate accountability. Our broad experience with a number of data protection projects ensures that we can compare your operations against the best practices and requirements of the field.

Privacy Documentation Drafting

Drafting all the privacy paperwork, such as the privacy policy, data retention policy and privacy notice for the website, requires efforts and knowledge. We can help you draft the internal and external documentation that you need. Or if you want to do this yourself but could use a little inspiration, we can provide you with the templates in our Privacy Kit.

Privacy Training

Our Privacy trainings allow your entire staff to work more efficiently with personal data, implement privacy by design and demonstrate compliance and accountability. Understanding of privacy and data protection is essential for success of any organisation. To benefit from HRDC refund, register an in-house training with our freelance privacy trainer.